Welcome back!

Our new website is now running. If you already had an account on the previous website, your email, password and orders are still in our database, so you just need to remember which email and which password you used. Hint : you can still ask to reset your password.

If you experience any trouble, as this website has just been launched, please let us know at contact@deathinjune.info - Thanks a lot!

Sorry, for the moment the Paypal payment module is broken on www.deathinjune.info. Please use the new payment option, Payplug, instead. It accepts credit cards payment without creating an account at Payplug, just like Paypal. Paypal will be back soon, we hope.

You can also now switch to our other store www.steelwork.fr by clicking on the link at the top of the page - your cart will be replicated there, so you can order from the two stores. Paypal works fine there

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